Top 5 Worst Attractions in Rome

There’s nothing like ruining your vacation than realizing that an attraction is nothing like you expected. It may not necessarily be because of the construction itself, but because of the circumstances surrounding the attractions. Some of them are tourist traps while others are simply annoyances that you have to deal with. Here are the worst things about Rome’s attractions that you may want to avoid.

  1. The Colosseum

I’m not saying that you should avoid the Colosseum altogether. However, instead of waking up at the break of dawn to see it like everyone does, go to the Roman Forum first. The latter never has a long line (simply because everyone starts with the Colosseum), and once you finish visiting there, you can go to the former. By 4pm, the line at the Colosseum would have shortened and you’ll be able to visit and enjoy instead of spending time being annoyed by the wait.


  1. The Spanish Steps

This one is also known as a tourist trap, simply because they’re just… steps. There’s nothing extraordinary about them except the fact that they go up and down. Since it’s free to visit, it’s packed with street vendors and people trying to sell you things at unbelievably high prices. And the thing about these steps is that they are not Spanish at all. They’re just… steps.

Spanish Steps in rome

  1. The Colosseum Gladiators

Sure, these gladiators are nice to see… from a distance. However, if you think of taking a picture with one of these gladiators, you will be charged 5 Euros per picture. Save that money for a gelato, because they are obviously a tourist trap put there to take advantage of excited tourists. It would have been worth it if they WERE actually gladiators.

  1. The Time Elevator

This one is an amusement park stationary ride made with the purpose of giving history lessons to tourists. Many tourists go there with the intention of getting a lesson about the attractions they’re planning to see, but most tourists claimed that they had to pay 10 Euros to receive only minimal information. My suggestion would be to pick a history book from the library instead. It’s way cheaper.

  1. Fancy-Looking Restaurants in the Main Square

Tourists go there because they believe “that’s what Rome is about.” But all restaurants and vendors will be much more expensive in the town center than if you go in a less populated area of Rome. Don’t be fooled of how nice the restaurants look – you’ll have better, tastier meals if you go somewhere else.

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